HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 11th May

hukd_logob1 Put your world wide web hands up if you’re longing for singing, mobile phoning and fishing and a-chipping! What – all of you? Wowsers! Come hither then…

All of this comes courtesy of HotUKDeals, without whom this post would just be so much blue waffle.

675635Who among us can say that they’re not a fan of the music of Take That? There’s nothing finer than listening to the sweet, sweet man-warblings of Gary, Mark, Wazza, Jerry and Pneumania, the ‘fantasmic five.’

Now you can recreate hits such as Relight My Ficus and Back For Grub in the comfort of your own home, flat, shelter or bedsit – as long as you’ve got a Playstation. The Take That Singstar game for the PS2 is just £4.98 at the moment – so clear those pipes!

675658Next, and in a bid to show that we’re not completely hating Vodafone at the moment (although we are really), comes a pay-as-you-go Voda-fone – the Nokia 5230. It’s only £65.00 right now, down from £130.00 and there’s possible cashback to be had as well.

As it’s pay-as-you go, you might be able to get it hacked, cracked, slackened or whatever the teenagers call it – that way, you won’t be at the fiscal behest of the Great Satan of mobile phone telephonification that is (spits) Vodafone. Thank you.

fishChips16wmFinally today, a little bit of haute cuisine, or fancy dinners as we call it around these ways. You can take your Heston Blumenthals and your Delia Smiths and your Chemical Alis and all that lot and stick them in a furnace – what we’re proposing is some good old-fashioned, hearty British grub. All tuck, no yuck.

It’s fish, chips and peas, washed down with a mug of tea or a coffee and all for just £2.99 delivered straight into your guts. And better still, it’s in a pub, so you can stick around and get hammered afterwards. Do it!

(deals found by HUKD members amibees, vedb and RichoRocks)


  • Nobby
    And cheese sandwiches.
  • Mark
    Ah yeah, the Wetherspoon's pensioner special - got me through many afternoons 'working'in my local. It actually used to be much better value - the bread used to be free.
  • Nobby
    Does Wetherspoons have the old peoples' piss smell now rather than the drunks' piss smell it used to?
  • John
    Nobby, wouldn't you be better renamed Snobby?
  • Nobby
    No, I don't mind the smell of drunks' piss, it's the hint of talcum powder in the old peoples' piss smell that I cannot stand.

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