HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 14th October

hukd_logob1 Hey, let’s have a party. Let’s have a bargains party (surely the best kind of party). You bring the drinks and the crisps and the nuts and the balloons and the party poppers and the hats and the streamers and the flavoured condoms and we’ll bring the bargains. Okay? Okay!

We’re not inviting those squares from HotUKDeals though. Not now that we’ve nicked their best bargains..

777664_1(dances groovily to Give It Up by KC & The Sunshine Band) So hey there. Great party huh? So... what kind of mobile tariff are you on then? Really? Uurgh – that’s shite. Go and get us a bread stick dipped in some garlic mayo and I’ll tell you about a better one.

Thanks. (munch) Yum – cheers. It’s a SIM-only tariff and £10 will get you 500 minutes, unlimited (well, 3000) texts and unlimited (well, 500mb) data. £15 gets you 750 minutes as well as the other stuff. Oh, and it’s a one month rolling contract so you can cancel at any time. Coming outside for a smoke?

So then, do you like games? No, not party games – although we’ll be playing some later on, including the one where you pass the balloon around without letting it touch the ground. I love that one – I’ll stick my Black Lace cassette on when we play it.

777272_1No, I meant computer games, like Horace And The Spiders, Peter Shilton Handball Maradona and the Tales Of Monkey Island games. If so, you can get the complete Monkey Island package for PC and Mac for only £3.50, a whopping 86% off! Fuck me, this fag tastes funny. French is it?

777649_1Oh. Oh shitting hell – why is the room spinning? Did someone turn the lights up? Is it just me or should we all take our trousers off and set fire to them in the middle of the street? I feel incredibly happy but like I’m about to panic at the same time.

Bollocks – I think I’m going to throw up! I’m going to throw up in the outdoor swimming pool! The 15 foot one over there that’s normally £179.99 but has been reduced to just £35.99, including filter (hurls chunks into amazingly-priced outdoor pool). MAM! I WANT ME MAM!

(deals found by HUKD partygoers ddude05, mif and draper3000)

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  • christy
    Wow an outdoor pool in UK in October what's not to love, feels like I've won Bullseye!

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