HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 4th October

hukd_logob1 It’s all going on here at this late stage of the day. Our complex system of selecting the day’s best deals has come up with these three, and now it’s time for us to put the pin and the blindfold away again.

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770308_1It’s a fact of modern life that many of us rely on our mobile phones. Whether it’s for having loud conversations on in crowded public places, storing grainy films of amateur pornography or just using the vibrate facility for intimate purposes, they’re an essential tool these days.

Now with a red hot sim-only deal from Tesco Mobile, you can do all of those things and more for a little bit less than you had been before. Possibly. You’ll get 750 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for only £15 per month, on a 30 day contract. Of course, ‘unlimited’ doesn’t actually mean ‘without limits’ – ha ha ha ha ha, why would it?

770569_1Today’s next deal has really got the ‘X Factor’ – although not in the way that you might think. You probably expected that we were referring to a cold, cynical so-called ‘talent’ contest, the majority of which seems to be cooked up in advance behind the scenes but that yet somehow dupes its audience of mouth-breathers into pissing away their coins on it for three months in the lead up to Christmas.

Well we’re not. We’re talking about X-Men, and to be more specific, the X-Men quadrilogy. That’s... *counts on fingers*... four films on the internationally-recognised Blu-ray format for the tawdry price of just £17.99. Stick that in your fucking barnet and set fire to it Cowell!

770377_1Here’s an offer that’s so good, we can’t quite believe it. It’s an offer for I Can’t Believe That It’s Not Butter and this is the part where we’d normally try and mangle together a line about how we can’t believe that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is such unbelievably good value.

But we’ve tried it a few different ways and it’s not working – it’s far too clunky and awkward. So instead we’ll just shut the fuck up and tell you that a 500g tub of the stuff is only 60p at the moment. We can scarcely comprehend it.

(deals found by HUKD members Chrissieboy, millarcat and taswir1)

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  • Zeddy
    I can't believe you wasted time telling us that you couldn't find a way of saying you couldn't believe that "I can't believe it's not butter" is such unbelievably good value. Not "clunky" at all.

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