HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 22nd August

I new hukd logo t’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade. Well listen – it isn’t Christmas time yet, and the only thing we’re going to be banishing around here is shit deals.

So here’s your round-up of the day’s best bargains – all courtesy of HotUKDeals.

1000066_1All across Tripoli and its surrounding areas, the masses have been gathering together and chanting, chanting for a better life and a better world. But as they’ve been chanting in Libyan, we haven’t be entirely sure what they’re on about.

For all we know, they could be howling ‘unlock a phone, unlock a chicken’. In fact, we’re almost certain that they were. Coincidentally, that’s also the name of the new SIM deal from GiffGaff – it starts at £5.00, and if you get involved, they’ll rehome a battery hen. BWARK!

1000103_1Next, we've got… well, some kind of data storage box. It’s a Kingston 96GB V+100 2.5 SATA-II SSD. You’re familiar with that, right? Anyhoo, it’s on offer for only £82.99, which the boffins tell us works out at between 86p and 87p per GB. Which is good apparently.

Some other specs that we’ve just pulled straight out of the air are double retro smim, iced denim barking coils, a lapsed Harrison, 764TDs of jolting friction and inward-facing lapels. Pretty good eh? Unfortunately, none of that stuff applies to this item. Tough luck suckers.

1000301_1Finally, we move on to magazines. We’re certain that 50 years or so from now, our children, our children’s children, our children’s children’s children and the reanimated corpse of Sir Steve Jobs will all scoff hard and strong at the notion that we once used to read magazines.

‘But they were made of paper and they used to crease and you could kill wasps with them!’ they’ll hum, in that strange humming way that all people will communicate in half a century or so from now. Well that’s a long way away, and there’s three-for-two on all magazines at Tesco from the start of next week, so SCREW THE FUTURIANS.

(deals found by HUKD members SamuraisShadow, Qaari and magicjay1986)

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