Hitler's downfall as he hears the iPhone 4G has been lost

Sad times, friends. The Hitler Downfall meme will soon be no more. Constantin Film, who produced the tale of Hitler's final days, have begun blocking any copies of it appearing on YouTube on copyright grounds. There are still plenty of them floating about and several deviations, too - you can still witness Hitler's reaction to Alex Fergurson's 'typical Germans' jibe, for example.

One of the first victims of the new takedown order has been Hitler's reaction to the iPhone 4G prototype turning up in the hands of tech site Gizmodo. Adolf turns in a stellar performance in the role of Steve Jobs, but is let down by a frequently weak script. It's one for completists only, and fortunately one blogger was quick off the mark to convert the YouTube video to another format:

Bitterwallet - Hitler learns that the iPhone 4G has been lost


  • Dan
    I don't see how these memes can possibly hurt the income of the film makers. If anything millioms of people who would never have, now know of the film. At the worst they should make YouTube include a link through to the official site on every page the clip appears.
  • cookie
    completests = a form of complementary test?
  • Zleet
    @Dan Couldn't agree more. http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/187 There is a point in the above link where he makes a good comparison about copyright law in situations like this.
  • Michael J.
    Here is the lost iPhone meme http://post.ly/bjcJ
  • ha h.
    So in one post BW rant over the BBC using 3 images without permission but then bemoan copyright laws pulling this vid. Make your minds up guys!
  • Paul S.
    You don't really know how the intermaweb works, do you?

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