iPhone 4 - multitasking, Bing, video calling... sort of

Well, for those of you that haven't wet your pants and gone to change, here's your first look at what the world has known about for months - the new iPhone 4, looking identical to the photos of the prototype leaked previously:

Bitterwallet - iPhone 4

Bizarrely, the iPhone has glass both front and rear, doubling the probability of cracking it. There's a forward facing camera, the regular camera has a LED camera, a voice cancellation mic, as well as the steel ring casing that acts as the phone's antennae. The screen has what Apple call a Retina Display - it packs in 960x640 pixels, or 326 pixels per inch - the resolution pushes pixelation beyond the limit of the human eye.

Other souped-up specs include 7 hours of 3g talk, 6 hours of 3g browsing, 10 hrs of Wifi Browsing, 10 hrs of video, 300 hrs of standby - an improvement of up to 40 per cent in the battery life.

What else? There's a gyroscope thrown in to enhance gaming, and a new camera system that includes a 5 megapixel camera (only four years behind the Nokia N73, then) with 5x digital zoom and capability to both shoot and edit HD video using a new iMovie app. iBooks launches as an iPhone app too.

While Google is staying the default search engine for iPhone4, Bing has also been included as an option.

Apart from announcements about apps and iAds as well, there was one more thing at the end of tonight's presentation - video calling on the iPhone 4, called Face Time. Boom! Except. Oh. Other handsets already do that, don't they, and it only works where's there's WiFi available - it isn't supported by the networks. Balls.

As for the price, the iPhone 4 isn't going to rip the arse out of wallets like previous models, at least if you're in the US - $199 for the 16GB version, and $299 for 32GB. Irritatingly, the iPhone 3G, which was still Apple's newest handset just over a year ago, will now cost $99. The iPhone 4 is confirmed as going on sale in the UK from Thursday 24 June, so at least our earlier prediction was in the ballpark.

Via [Engadget] and [TechCrunch]


  • Steve J.
  • Ballbag
    Hey Paul, can we go a whole month without an Apple-related story? I mean can you just TRY? Let's see how long you can last; it would be a social experiment, as well as making those of us who have no interest in apple products (i.e. the non-trendywankerbraindead / those over the age of 18) much happier. Can to take up the non-Apple challenge?
  • Ballbag
    'can' = 'care'
  • saxo_appeal
    So how much to buy this from Apple store on pay and go?
  • Bob
    The US prices are with a contract (in the same vein as the £100 odd prices for a 3GS on some O2 contracts). They don't usually get "free" phones there.
  • saxo_appeal
    Yes I understand that but if I was to walk into the Apple store and buy a PAYG Iphone 4, how much would it cost me, I don't think that's really been announced yet has it?
  • Steve J.
    Totally agree with Ballbag, shut the fuck up about Apple!
  • Fnarr
    Cancel your subscription then. Idiot.
  • Wonky H.
    I quite like BW talking about Apple.
  • saxo_appeal
    For those who are not eligible for an early upgrade or who wish to buy iPhone as a gift, the prices are $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB).
  • saxo_appeal
    So roughly if the rate for conversion is $1.5 to £1 then the 32GB could be just £466 and the 16gb is £399
  • Andy D.
    People, Apple are the largest tech company in the world based on market value. Here at Bitterwallet, we cover tech stuff. With all of that in mind, do you seriously think we should ignore the launch of the new iPhone? For fuck's sake...
  • Kinky M.
    @everyone moaning. If you don't like the Apple stories, don't read them. If seeing them makes you so unhappy: you must have some really kinky issues.
  • Codify
    A whole month without an Apple posting? How about a whole week? These iTards post every pre-release rumour and fake blurry photo they can find on the interwebs as long as it is about Apple.
  • Patrick
    Hey guys I got an idea, If you've got such a problem with BitterWallet posting about Apple, how about you stop reading? Simple huh?
  • saxo_appeal
    @ Patrick +1
  • Rich
    I totally agree with Patrick all you moaning tossers who took the time to read click type and post can piss off!
  • DragonChris
    Seriously haters, fuck up. Good job BW, I eagerly await the further details as and when you find them, aggregate and publish. My girlfriend is wanting an iPhone so keep piling on the details for me!
  • cooki
    a new camera system that includes a 5 megapixel camera (only four years behind the Nokia N73, then) In fairness mp mean fuck all its the new sensor and lense thats the thing plus its an LED flash Also facetime is wifi only for 2010 should appear on 3g in 2011. I take it you didnt get an invite to WWDC?
  • Masood
    I dont have a problem reading about Apple related stories but I do get a bit disappointed how the editing staff here have really bought into the iEverything. This is how Apple has become the biggest company in the World folks. By making people talk about their products incessantly. Take a minute and think about it. Why are you helping Steve Jobs get richer?
  • Masood
    The above post was written on my iPad whilst on the iPhone.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Am i BANNED? I like the iPhone4. Thanks
  • 3dtv
    The release of iPhone 4 is one of the biggest tech stories of the year - and like Andy says, why wouldn't BW cover it? Shut the fuck up and stop moaning!
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here again. some fool banned me from answering true or FALSE FALSE FALSE Friday, i guess they didn't want the answers leaked.
  • Matt
    So, now the iPhone appears to have almost all of the functions and specs that people said it should have had from day 1? Hmmm.
  • Big A.
    Anyone else left feeling flat? I mean this phone looks just like the one that Gizmodo were waving about a few weeks back... what????
  • Soot d.
    Iphone 4 what?
  • Steve J.
    It's not that you should ignore the release of the iPhone, it's that you post every non story you can find about apple products and it swamps everything in apple. So when you do have a proper story it's just another one to the list. And you say you cover tech stuff - well that's all well and good but you must have a bout 10 apple stories for every 1 non apple tech story. It just get's little boring.
  • Howard M.
  • Issac M.
    Thought I also caught that the 3GS is going to be reduced to $99. Now that appeals (much as I'd like the 4, my wallet says no). Reckon they'll run that offer over here too?
  • The B.
    So, still short of the Desire/Nexus one, how about a review of the HTC Evo which piddles all over the iPhone and then Rogers it's mum?
  • Rob
    "People, Apple are the largest tech company in the world based on market value. Here at Bitterwallet, we cover tech stuff. With all of that in mind, do you seriously think we should ignore the launch of the new iPhone? For fuck’s sake…" I'm sure people wouldn't mind this story if it wasn't the 3rd Apple 'story' of the day. Apple release a trackpad and BW jump on it to tell us all about it, well Tesco has just released a new type of bog roll, where's the story on that?
  • Amanda H.
    What's the word? Steam Iron? Electric Iron? Errrr Iron Tablets?
  • diGriz
    Tbh the article summed up all I wanted to know. Now I move on.
  • DragonChris
    Might be worth going to the states for the phone then...
  • Nobby
    So how does this LED camera work then?
  • Klingelton
    good specs, but yet again it's just apple catching up with the market and producing something that HTC or Nokia have been producing for years. If their os weren't so good, apple would be nothing!
  • Alan
    No offence Bitterwallet. I like to see Apple stuff here. But then, i get my Apple fix from elsewhere. This is what you have written on your site "CONSUMER HACKS, TIPS & NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES OF THE UK DEAL COMMUNITY" This is suppose to be all about deals. not technology. Update the slogan to say you cover technology now. The only way you can talk about tech under that current blurb is if the iPhone was coming to us for a cracking deal. In fact, the story about O2 offering a special deal for existing customers on contracts would be worth more of a mention since that could be a deal!
  • Wonky H.
    @Amanda Hugginnkiss Being a girl I think it's the new Apple I-ron you are after.
  • Mike H.
    Guys, if BW didn't get a chance to vent their excitement over Apple tech, their website would explode.
  • Paul S.
    Christ, we can't win, can we. Two consecutive comments form Masood and Cooki sum it up, really - one slates us for gushing over all things Apple, the other slates us for criticising Apple. Jog on. Alan - when we know what the O2 deal is, we'll no doubt cover it. The details aren't available yet, as far as we can see.
  • blahblahblah
    @BitterWallet: Don't listen to the people criticising covering this stuff. Back to discussing the actual topic, have I missed something about this 'Face Time' thing? How is this different to video calling, which has been around for the better part of a decade?
  • James D.
    Hah, another post deleted. Maybe if I flower up my posts the People's Republic of Bitter Wallet will be my friend. No you can't win. We're all bitter, hate filled readers with varying opinions. That aside, it does seem lately that we are seeing a lot of Apple 'tech' articles. I would welcome Bitter Wallet remain true to it's roots and give us consumer content. If I wanted tech I would read The Register.
  • James D.
    "Irritatingly, the iPhone 3G, which was still Apple’s newest handset just over a year ago, will now cost $99." Hang on... this gem has been completely miscommunicated. Shouldn't you guys be talking about the 3G becoming such a bargain? Whatever $99 is in real money I don't know, but I bet it's not much more than a weeks dole cheque.
  • Andy D.
    Hello people, Good point made regarding the site's slogan - if we stuck doggedly to that, there would probably be about three stories per day on the site and they'd probably all be pretty dull. Probably needs a spring clean. Believe it or not, we get the biggest buzz from bringing the readers deals calling out crappy customer service. I got an email earlier from someone thanking me for running the Home Draught story and getting him 10 free pints of beer. You can't beat something like that. They're the reason we're here, but the thing is, there's only so many stories like those that we can run and we can't dictate when they come along. Oh, and we do actually run stories on other non-Apple mobiles. Here's 15 stories from the past month that mention Android. http://www.bitterwallet.com/?s=android Yes, we run other Apple stories, but a fair few of them have a negative slant and a withering 'oh for fuck's sake' perspective. The cult of Apple is sort of understandable but also a bit baffling. If the likes of Nokia and HTC only released one device a year, we'd be all over the launches of them like stink on a monkey. But they don't - they flood the market instead, and as a result, we'll only cover the exceptional stuff they do. But sometimes we miss stuff - there's only three of us and we're all part time. So the site is only ever going to be as good as its contributions from the readers. We rely on tip-offs and juicy consumer complaints from our avid readers, so come on, do your bit you beautiful avid readers you. Finally, for everyone who says we're straying away from our 'consumer roots' - here's our first ever month of stories from October 2008. http://www.bitterwallet.com/date/2008/10 It isn't drastically different from what we're doing now is it?
  • Codify
    What a splendid article.
  • Wonky H.
    Andy..Andy... Too much Red Bull......
  • Mike H.
    I'm doing my bit Andy, but I'm getting moderated to f**k
  • MJK94
    Paul & Andy, ignore the ignorant people who always write 'i bum foxes, WTF? IS DIS REAL?' and people complaining about the apple products, you do the best you can and write a lot of useful consumer related articles -- you said you were part time, if they can do a better job offer them the chance to. I'd just like to ask did you get my email from 19 May 2010 14:39, because I haven't received a reply yet and was wondering if it sent at all?
  • Mike H.
    MJK94, why should they ignore people who complain about Apple products? Surely, their opinion is as valid as the comments of Apple lovers?
  • Andy D.
    @MJK94 - can't see your email in our inbox - want to send it again?
  • james
    There has been a lot of hate for BW in all sorts of posts. Like earlier readers I just don't get why the apple haters actually read them. The moderation strikes me as odd now as well. I am personally bored shitless of the WTF IS DISS comments and the fox comments so why not moderate those. They add nothing to the site. Keep up the good work guys, I enjoy reading most of the articles.
  • Andy D.
    James, it's the fox comments that we're moderating!
  • Andy D.
    Fuck, I just wrote 'fox' - now I'll have to delete my own comment!
  • Amanda H.
    This new iPhone looks good: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/10259552.stm
  • F. F.
    I have nothing to say...
  • Paul S.
    Mike, If you don't like Apple, that's fair enough. We don't like them all the time and have said so on numerous occasions, but many readers seem to suffer selective memory loss in these instances. Also worth pointing out that the HUKD thread on last night's Apple event is over 230 comments long now - there seems to be quite an appetite for this sort of thing, even amongst staunch consumer types. P
  • steveie b.
    Steve Jobs' demo fail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znxQOPFg2mo As he tries to show off features of the new iPhone 4, Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi connection fails twice, bringing his World Wide Developers Conference keynote to an uncomfortable standstill. Apple and Jobs are bunch of con-artists.
  • Lumoruk
    but andy the slogan for this site says "consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the uk deal community" where the hell does it say tech stuff?
  • Lumoruk
    That demo fail OH MY GOD video calling, wow yeah like other manufacturers haven't been using video calling for over 5yrs. Besides its rubbish and stupidly expensive to use.
  • Andy D.
    @Lumoruk - I know mate, it's a fucking disgrace. I was in Boots for two hours at the weekend looking for a pair of Doc Martens. Couldn't find any though.
  • The B.
    Andy, you're lucky, I went into Boots looking for medicine and got the shit kicked out of me.
  • Ballbag
    Well, after 24hrs it seems the insane kerfuffle brought on by my comment has died down. My work here is done. Just remember; Apple is Evil, and Jobs is Satan.
  • cheapskate
    Is it me or does iAds look a bit like Aids?
  • bigballs
    Andy you don't need to explain yourself. Some people to need to stop being whinging CUNTS!!!
  • whinging c.
    Hey! That's quite offensive.
  • MJK94
    @Andy Email resent to [email protected] Hopefully it will send this time :)
  • lam
    T-Mobile just announed it WILL be selling the new iPhone 4. So since Virgin Mobile use the T-Mobile network, fingers crossed Virgin offer the iPhone now. Any of you boffins at Bitterwallet know if this will / will not happen? cheers guyz
  • dunfyboy
    iCan iIt iDo iBluetooth iFile iTransfer iYet?

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