Help! My mobile phone has just exploded/not exploded at all*

What elements of a mobile handset might 'explode' so violently that they leave the user needing stitches, but not cause any other damage other than to crack the screen? If the phone did explode, why does it still work?

Did fathead accidentally press it too hard to his ear? Seems more likely. What's a guy with no medical insurance to do, eh?

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  • The L.
    You mean he's NOT recovering from an op to implant his mobile into his head to save holding it?
  • will
    i love how sophia reza sounds like a typical news-presenting yank. right until she says her name...... que spectaculaaarrrrrrrrr! reminds me of this old gem:
  • PokeHerPete
  • Nobby
    He was in the process of getting into his ve-hick-le. He was using it, banged it on the ve-hick-le as he tried to get in and the screen cracked and cut him. No medical insurance and probably no phone insurance. I reckon he is more bothered with the latter.
  • PokeHerPete
    I likes it in the bum
  • PokeHimPete
    ^ That guy is a charlatan! ^
  • Mark C.
    The sad thing is that, once they get a lawyer onto it, even if it's discovered that it was nothing to do with the phone, the manufacturer will still probably settle to avoid bad publicity.
  • qwertyuiop
    Jesus! A slower news day than on here by the looks of it! Based on this fatty's pronunciation of vehicle, I'd say he tried to eat the phone, but rather than jam it into his face like his XL fast food take outs, he tried to use his ear as the point of entry, probably because he was enjoying a portion of fries at the time.
  • Tom
    A surge in microwaves from the handset and a metal plate/ earring could do this.
  • toms t.
    # Posted by Tom | December 6th, 2010 at 4:55 pm A surge in microwaves from the handset and a metal plate/ earring could do this. bell end phones dont work in the microwave frequency range
  • Toms t.
    Check your facts before calling someone a bell end as it makes you look incredibly stupid when you're wrong!

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