Have Microsoft bought SwiftKey?

Windows Microsoft have apparently bought the hugely popular keyboard app SwiftKey for $250 million. It is thought that they've bought this, not just for its popularity, but also that it can be used with artificial intelligence in Microsoft's imminent Word Flow smart keyboard.

The app, if you haven't ever seen it or used it, allows you to type text without removing your finger from your screen. It uses AI to predict which words you're using, and analyses your writing style to improve the more you use it.

It has topped the charts on iOS and Android platforms, and has technology that can learn slang, which emoji you prefer, and people's nicknames. The company themselves say that they've saved almost two trillion keystrokes and over 23,000 years in combined typing time.

It looks like this.

However, like a lot of businesses with a good idea, SwiftKey has not exactly been a great business model. That's where Microsoft are hoping to change things.

Microsoft have indeed been busy of late, buying to-do app Wunderlist, the Sunrise calendar app, and Acompli. It looks like Microsoft are staying relevant by acquiring third-party apps. Could be a winner, provided they don't make a hash of it.

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