Have Apple leaked the new iPhone 6C?

People get very giddy with every murmur and whisper about new Apple products. So what's the fuss this time? Well, it looks like Apple may have leaked their next phone by accident, in what is being referred to as the iPhone 6C.

As you can see in the image below, swiped from Apple's website, there's three phones on show and one of them looks a lot like the iPhone 5S but with the coloured plastic backing of an iPhone 5C.

Apple-haters will be absolutely mystified why anyone would care. Don't worry - everyone's heard you tutting.

iphone 6c

Super Apple fans will have noticed that the phone in question looks a lot like an iPhone 5C, however, this one features a Touch ID sensor. Apple have replaced the image on their site to feature a 5C, which means this could be an accidental leak.

Or Apple could just be trolling.

It would make sense for the 5C to be phased out in favour of something new, but similar. It is the only Apple phone they're selling that isn't equipped with the security. A new 6C would see the inclusion of that, as well as Apple Pay.

Touch ID and the NFC chip are needed for Apple Pay, and with rumours that Apple Pay will be launching in the UK this summer, Apple will be keen to have all their newest phones rigged up to use it. How do we know about Apple Pay? Well, in a now-deleted tweet, Belgium’s KBC Bank said that it would be available in Europe this summer and Apple's World Wide Developer Conference is going to happen in June, and they'll need something to announce.

A lot of hearsay and pinches of salt are to be added to all this, but it all seems very plausible indeed.

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