Have a headphone jack on your iPhone 7

Have a headphone jack on your iPhone 7

If you want a headphone jack on your iPhone 7, and refuse to pay money for some new headphones, there's good news for you!

Say hello to The Fuze, which is a case which adds in the ability to use 3.5mm headphones, and there's no need for unsightly adaptors or anything like that.

It comes in five colours, and basically turns your Lightning connector into a 3.5mm adaptor.

Not only that, the case will also double your battery life as well, which is nice. Of course, it will protect your phone from being scratched and dinged and all that.

It's through a pledge site, and it'll cost you $69 (or if you pledge right now, you can get one for $49).

If you want one, get over to The Fuze's Indiegogo page and pledge.

Want to see a video to see what it looks like and have someone explain it all to you?

Here we go.

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