Has Stephen Fry reinvented the book?

Has Sir Stephen Fry, the world’s Brainiest Human, really reinvented the humble book as we know it? Possibly not, but his new iPhone app is a must if you’re a fan of his wit and good stuff what he does with words and that.

Called MyFry, it brings his brand new autobiography ‘The Fry Chronicles’ to your Apple phone but not as you’d expect it. The whole of the book is there, but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse to try and read it in the normal ‘front-to-back’ method.

Instead, readers can navigate a homepage wheel, navigating to different sub-sections or choosing specially-tagged keywords, to dip in and out of the book's 112 mini-chapters and Lord Fry’s complicated and entertaining life story.

As avowed fans of the great man, we’ve been faffing about with it for a while and it’s erm... different. We found ourselves drifting around the book's narrative, following tagged subject words as they occur throughout the entire book, rather than reading it in a traditional linear way. Odd.

At £7.99, it’s cheaper than the dead tree version, but as it’s tricky to read in the conventional way, you kind of get what you pay for.

Is it a pleasantly diverting way to read a book as a one-off? Sort of. Will it revolutionise how we read books in the future? We sincerely hope not.


  • PokeHerPete
    For £7.99 I want a fucking dead cat.
  • PaulH
    The guy's a tit so I wont be paying £7.99 for it...
  • foxy l.
    I would want a fucking dead fox for £7.99
  • Fby
    I thought it sounded as though it was going to be crap when he announced and you have amply shown me that it is. (and I like Stephen fry)
  • bushbrother
    Android version? No? Thats because Fry is as in Love with Jobs as Jobs is!
  • ButterMan
    He'd make 10 times as much if he just made a General Melchett soundboard
  • mizzle
  • Jack T.
    So what tagged words were you looking for Andy? I think we can all guess.
  • The B.
    I'll stick with the dead tree version in paperback (it'll be < £5 in the Play sale at some point).
  • cock
    Fry is such a dickhead, whoever gets this shit is a complete wanker.
  • akiss
    Thank you Darling.
  • Codify
    Stephen Fry fans = tedious asswipes iPad fanbois = tedious asswipes Perfect fit.
  • PaulH
  • The B.
    Mr Fry is probably the last decent raconteur, what with Niven and Ustinov gone.

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