Happy Xmas from BT, Sky and TalkTalk! Your line rental is going up!

scrooge christmas Customers of BT, Sky and TalkTalk are getting a Christmas treat this month! That's right! Everything you've ever wanted! The line rental is going to be more expensive! Virgin Media customers don't feel too left out - yours is going up in February.

With inflation from 2008 at 20.5%, you'll be cock-a-hoop to discover that line rental charges wildly outstrip that. On average, BT customers are paying 54% more than they were in 2008, with PlusNet charging 60% more, Sky 64% up, TalkTalk 59% and Virgin Media 45% more.

What with pretty much no-one using a landline for calls these days, you'd hope that the providers would jiggle their prices for us. Only Virgin offer a 'broadband only' package.

BT have been sneaking all manner of costs in during this time. You're paying for caller ID, which used to be a free and, there's a strong chance you've never even wandered close to the service.

Anyway, these Scrooge swines are at it again. Someone should follow the CEO of each company around for the whole of the festive period and kick them up the arse 'til their spine sticks out of their telephone ear.

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    We wanted to let you know that from 1 February 2015, the price you pay for your Virgin Media services will be going up by £5.89 a month.

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