Phone manufacturers suffer attack of the common sense

It's only taken the major mobile phone manufacturers a decade (and the rest) to get their heads together and come up with the most bleedingly obvious thought that customers have been screaming at them for roughly just as long: "Why the chuffing hell isn't there one mobile phone charger that fits all mobile phones?"

Mark these days in history, tell your children of them, for the manufacturers have now agreed to standardise phone chargers. We're not going to see them for another three years however; until then you'll still have to email round the office asking if anybody has a similar charger when your battery goes flat.

According to, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG are among the companies that have signed up to the pact. Industry body the GSM Association said that the companies had chosen a micro-usb as the charging connection standard for phones. Super times, kids. Let's get drunk.



  • Noghar
    I thought they agreed this two years ago. Maybe I dreamt it. Bought a Nokia e71 with a micro usb port last year... only it doesn't charge through that. You have to buy a separate charger - completely different in design from all the other Nokia chargers I have. What the hell is taking them so long? I have drawers full of obsolete chargers..
  • Bigger D.
    Don't new HTCs use this already? BTW: Has anyone got a charger for a Nokia's NMT-900 ??? Battery is a bit flat!!
  • j.l
    My LG Chocolate had this connection years ago... perhaps it is still after all the cutting edge of technology and I should throw my N95 8GB away and use that...
  • A.T.C
    My Nokia N85 uses this standard already, its great being able to charge via the comp.
  • John
    Some companies have been using mini-USB for charging and data already, most noticeably HTC, RIM Blackberries and Motorola (as well as others like the Skype Phone on 3). Nokia have been somewhat stubborn about it, despite having a mini-USB port on their phones after dropping their proprietary POP port (or whatever it was called) these still wouldn't charge over USB. The 5800 has made the change to micro-USB (another cable to carry) but still doesn't seem to charge with it. John
  • MattS
    Mobile companies have avoided this in the past as it's a nice little money earner. Why let you pay £1 for a USB charger when they can force you to spend £15+ on a proprietary charger? The only reason they have now changed their minds is because they now make little money out of it when we now have HK sellers selling cheap charging cables on eBay etc. Glad I've had a HTC for a while now, have been able to charge my mobile pretty much anywhere I go for a long time.
  • Ian
    All Portable equipment mfr had a Samsung video camera for valentines that uses a square 2 way pin with a round center! another spare proprietary charger to buy!
  • Ed
    The reason this will happen is that the EU is pushing it and the EU has some clout. Just to note I understand this is the micro-USB as used on the Nokia 5800 etc. that is becoming the standard not the mini-USB interface that was becoming the standard. I read on Wikipedia that the standard was meant to be robust up to 10,000 connect disconnects. In other words plug it in and out once every day for about 27 years and it should still be okay. I think the micro seems so fiddly that is never going to be the case.
  • Ace H.
    i don't want another damned usb plug. i want a proper mains adapter plug. i dont want to have to turn my pc/laptop on everytime i want to charge my phone nor do i not want the option to not have to connect my phone to my pc and have it mess about with my settings etc. i hated apple when they released their ipods without a mains charger and i'll hate this too. rant over
  • badmanz
    As i'm sure many people have the micro usb wire, to charge from the computer, already, i assume these will be micro usb's charged from the mains. They can't assume everyone with a mobile has a computer, otherwise if you don't have one (some people still don't) you can't have a mobile.
  • DaMan
    USB mains chargers have existed for years now, no computer required. Simply search ebay or amazon for USB charger and you'll be spoiled for choice.
  • tits
    ace: chill out, you will still have a 3 pin plug!
  • Willz
    ha ha at the people who thought you would need a computer or you wont be able to charge it. You will still have a mains adapter but a plug which you connect the mini usb to. Check before you rant.
  • Abbi
    About time! USB mains chargers sound a great plan. Didn't realise until I did a quick search that my company actually sell one *blush* - shows how well I know our stock (well, we do carry zillions of items!). So, Hama £4.99, if anyone craves one (link above). Hurrah, I get staff discount. That may just sort my evil non-charging iPod.
  • juankerr
    This was agreed last year I seem to remember, a rare example of corporate common-sense.
  • sedgwick
    Does that mean my 7 Nokia chargers will be redundant? Damn, I never win..

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