Had an issue with moneyStrands? You're not alone

Bitterwallet - moneyStrandIf you haven't heard of moneyStrands, it's a personal finance service to help you keep track of your money, linking to your bank accounts and providing real time analysis of your spending and savings. Avid Bitterwallet reader Steven has been using the service on his iPhone for some time, "mainly because HSBC can't be arsed to pull their finger out and develop an app."

moneyStrands was free until very recently, when the service started charging users a monthly fee. Some userswon't mind paying for the service if they find it useful, but Steven isn't one of them right now.

"It seems that my free trial will expire [today] and I will be charged per month, but the service has not been working at all since the changes. Is it any coincidence that I'm also getting no joy by trying to contact them to explain the problem."

moneyStrands has an FAQ, but Steven's had no response from the email address given for customer support. There are also customer forums, but we can't find a way to start a new topic; most the topics were created over a year ago.

At least Steven's not alone; there are several customers on Facebookcomplaining of issues while trying to switch between the free and paid services, and problems with poor customer service. Meanwhile the feedback from Twitter users on the site's homepage isn't quite what it seems either; they're presented actually testimonials presented to look like recent tweets.

Steven is asking if anyone else is having issues with moneyStrands - are there any other Bitterwallet readers that have had problems with the service? If so, have you managed to resolve them?


  • steve
    Why can't he just log into his account on HSBCs website? It's not flash based is it?
  • Chris
    I deleted my account with them a few of months back. They hadn't collected smile.co.uk data for for over 2 months, and I had no response at all from them when I asked why. The app was nice though. @steve: while accessing a banking website from iPhone safari is possible, getting anything useful done is a bit like trying to wallpaper your hallway through your letterbox.
  • Gareth
    I started using Moneystrands and was a big fan to start with but I'm just about to give up on them because there are a number of bugs and customer service doesn't reply to my emails either. If this is they way they manage customer services and software development, do you think they any better at keeping your private banking details safe? I don't think so.
  • Lucia
    Hello, this is Lucia from moneyStrands. I'm sorry for those who did not receive a response by emailing our support address. You can send us a note at feedback [at] moneyStrands [dot com] OR email me directly at Lucia [at] Strands [dot com] and I'm happy to assist with any problems you're having or provide a refund if you're not satisfied.
  • Christine
    I have experienced the same problem.... I am about to give up because I can not get anyone to respond!!!!!

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