Guru tosh - O2 educates the stupid masses about WiFi

11 October 2010

Good news! You're a guru! Yes you are! In fact, anybody who can work the basic settings of a smartphone is a guru! Props!

But what does this mean, dear reader? What treasures await you, now you've reached this lofty plateau of enlightenment and omnipotence? Well, there's quite a good chance O2 will give you a t-shirt with your name on. And a job! Yessum!

Take a look at O2's new Guru TV channel on YouTube, and you won't be too staggered to learn what passes for master intelligence in mobile phone circles. O2 are carpet-bombing their customers with emails about these new videos, in the desperate hope they'll migrate to WiFi while at home and stop causing their 3G network to fall over. Fair enough. But guru? If you have to tell people you're a guru, chances are you're not one at all (this applies equally to social media gurus). And if this guy is a guru, the world is surely doomed:

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Paul


  • Nobby
    I am a doing-a-shit guru.
  • Nobby
    Right now. Jesus.
  • tfeb
    as in you are tupping a guru that is shit at his/her job or as you are having a shit and therefor you are a guru of taking a dump?
  • Bazinga
    O2 have a data network?
  • Brad
    Apparently, tends to come and go when it feels like it.
  • Boris
    He's just asking for some kick-in-the-face time. That goes for his only contact; his 'friend' Rob too. Don't Apple do all of these videos about how to use the thing already?
  • dunfyboy
    Yeah, but they're flash videos so apple owners can't see them :-)
  • Daedalus
    Can't really believe people are slating this. 1) It's a genuine job title O2 are rolling out across most stores, to provide actual technical support to all stores (but remember, they're only human, they don't know everything), 2) The Guru TV videos are there to HELP people. Just because you might know how to do it, doesn't mean average-Joe-Bloggs who's just got home with his iPhone will do. More to the point this isn't just 'here's how to use your iPhone', they're trained to cover most technical queries and questions. It's about time a phone company actually hired technical specialists to help people, rather than sell them stuff they don't want or need.
  • Doombringer
    Man, The fact you try to slate guru's mean you have no idea what it is like working in a phone shop! Not every customer knows what wifi is so they're making free videos on how customers know more and are actually spending time effort and money to help make our customers more knowledgeable! You criticise DSGi for trying to throw everything in with there sales men but as soon as someone tries to help you make fun of them!!! Please work in a phone shop for 12 months and tell me if putting the basics of phones on the internet is a waste of time

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