Guess what? O2 have put their prices up

As we know, as soon as Ofcom announced new rights for mobile phone customers last week, saying that providers should include a ‘get out clause’ in contracts- O2 changed the wording in their contracts.

Bitterwallet - O2 FAIL

So what does O2 do this week? Bump up its prices by up to 25% for existing customers. Whaddya know?

The shady, underhand move comes into effect in March, and while the average tariff will only rise by 2.7% - from £37 to £38 a month – if you go over your text or call allowance, that’s when the charges can go up by almost a quarter.

O2 have obviously found a loophole in Ofcom's new ruling, but obviously they're not going to admit that.

Instead, their feeble excuse is similar to the one energy companies used when they shafted us last year - rising cost of infrastructure, upgrading network, yadda yadda. Yet they must have factored that in when they set the prices in the first place.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do about this. If you signed up before January 23rd the contract you signed states that prices can go up no more than RPI (retail price index) inflation, no more than once every 12 months. Which means that every year, prices will go up in line with inflation.

O2 had their answer ready: ‘Ofcom has confirmed that communications providers' terms which explicitly provide for a customer's monthly subscription to change each year in line with a specific percentage or index (like RPI) will not contravene its "fixed means fixed" guidance.’

So fixed means fixed, even though it isn’t.



  • jokester4
    So OFCOM's ruling is basically "Fixed price contracts cannot go up in price unless a bear shits in the woods". Well done OFCOM!!! You really are a complete bunch of fucktards!
  • thefunboi
    Or just O2 customers, vote with your feet at contract end and tell them this is the reason why. Dont even listen to their haggling to keep you. Simple. Jeeze.
  • Badger
    So how much did O2 get for flogging all its broadband customers off to Sky? Wouldn't that pay for the directors' bonuses? Obviously I mean the rising cost of infrastructure, upgrading the network, etc.
  • wonka
    Hey Coran, time to rock out with your cock out!

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