Got an iPhone? Wearing gloves? Touchscreen navigation a bit tricky?

If you're faced with that conundrum and you're in South Korea, you've probably bought an individually-wrapped snack sausage. Sales are soaring of these tasty little false fingers after it was discovered that they replicate the size and texture of the average human digit.

Shouldn't be long before Apple bring out the iSausage then - only £49.99 a bang.




  • Nobby
    Doesn't the little bit on the end scratch the screen?
  • Chris S.
    I wear fingerless gloves, very nifty.
  • David
    I knew one day those windows mobile stylus based phones would get the edge back
  • MayContainNuts
    I've sat on a London Undergound train next to a man who was browsing his iPhone using his snack sausage... Worst. journey. ever.
  • Klingelton
    alternatively, use a windows mobile htc touch pro 2 - where you can operate it with gloves on. HUZZAH i hear you say... HUZZAH!
  • Nobby
    It is surprising apple doesn't bring out a pair of branded iphone gloves in which you can remove the end of the right hand index finger of the glove specifically for situations like this. They could charge easily £49.99 for these. They could also have a left handed version for £79.99.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. Why don't they just take their gloves off...?
  • Willy P.
    I would hate to think what goes into a South Korean snack sausage.
  • Mark
    Was on The Gadget Show before Xmas... already is a glove for use with iPhone/ touchscreens etc... and available at Blacks for £24.99 apparently.
  • Amanda H.
    What are you gonna use to work the iPad then? Cucumbers? Marrows? Ze fallen madonna wiz zee big boobiez?
  • Nobby
    @Mark, they are not apple branded. No doubt they invalidate the apple warranty.
  • Joff
    Not sure what all the fuss is about. I have some gloves I wear for cycling, full finger jobs to keep my digits protected from wind chill. Anyway, they have a grip/pattern on the fingers that lets you use touch screens and touch lamps.
  • -]
    I have some gloves I wear for grafting that also have a grip/pattern on the fingers (and on the palm), but they don't work with touch screens (or the crappy little wheel on ipods).
  • hank
    "Etre Touchy gloves are a stylish, fun and practical way to keep your hands warm while using your touchscreen phone, portable games system, media player and other electronic gadgets."
  • Richard
    Do you assume sales of iPhnoes are much lower in places that are cold, 'cos no one wants to take thier gloves off to work them outside?
  • F. F.
    "Do you assume sales of iPhnoes are much lower in places that are cold, ‘cos no one wants to take thier gloves off to work them outside?" OR the sale of sausages are higher?
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