Got an iPhone on T-Mobile? Don't update to iOS 4.3

iphone 4Thanks to Bitterwallet's sister site Mobot for alerting us to this story from What Mobile.

Until recently, customers on T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk Plus and Max services had been able to use their iPhone for tethering at no extra cost; both tariffs allowed customers to share the handset's data connection with laptops and other tech. But with the iPhone's firmware update to iOS 4.3, that's changed. The update has replaced the tethering feature with the widely publicised Personal Hotspot.

Personal Hotspots should offer exactly the same functionality as tethering, and it does - but it's now at a price. A change to the APN settings seemingly means the service provider can see when the handset is being used for tethering. Consequently, T-Mobile are now £2 per day for 250Mb, or £7 per week for 500Mb for the service.

If you're using an iPhone on T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk and rely on it for tethering, you might be best sitting pretty with the 4.2.1 iOS firmware update or earlier. Meanwhile, since customers are being forced into paying an additional amount for the same service they agreed when they contracted with T-Mobile, we're not sure if there isn't a breach of contract. As far as we can recall, the terms of the Web 'n' Walk tariff aren't SIM or handset dependent.

We'll have a look into it. In the meantime, if you have any correspondence with T-Mobile on this matter, let us know at [email protected]

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  • The B.
    Why not update it and then change the APN's? Or can't you do that without asking Mr Jobs for permission, in triplicate, written in blood, whilst dancing a sea shanty, plucking petals from a Rafflesia flower and reciting the Koran backwards from memory?
  • Rich
    Just saying....Android does it for no extra charge...
  • PokeHerPete
    Whats Android?
  • Alex W.
    I suspect it's an error rather than deliberate policy change, because Plus and Max have always explicitly permitted tethering. They're not available to new customers so they probably just forgot to include it. Rich: There's no way for them to stop you tethering on an Android device, but they strictly limit the ports and protocols you can use on the standard internet booster.
  • Mark C.
    What's a haptop?
  • Phil
    Who are Apple?
  • Yue
    I used an iphone an it was OK. Thanks to HUKD bought the San Francisco with android 2.2 and seriously can't fault it. Not fussed about fanboyism either way but not using itunes is a pro in my book.
  • Kevin
    Wheras for what I use it for I can't see why people are so anti-itunes! If it's the same functionality then it'd be interesting to see what they say. If you bought a new phone with the updated ios on it you'd not have a case
  • clever c.
    why dont i even have the hotspot feature on my iphone? ive updated to 4.3 and have a unlimited web tariff on o2
  • PokeHerPete
    @clever chinaman, post your iPhone to me and Ill take a look. Ill send it back withing 3 to 5 working years.
  • Emma
    @chinaman - I think you need to buy a tethering bolt-on, that's what it says here from o2 - You will first need to update to iPhone iOS 4 software and purchase one of our Internet Tethering Bolt Ons. Also check that you have iTunes version 8.2 or later installed on your iPhone if Internet Tethering via USB.
  • T-Mobile’s B.
    [...] We’ve just got off the phone with a very nice lady at Everything Everywhere about our earlier story – that T-Mobile customers are being charged for tethering through their iPhone – a service previously free on certain tariffs – since the launch of new firmware for the handset. [...]

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