Google's customisable phone, delayed

ara1blogpost Ages ago, we spoke about Google's Project Ara, which allows you to build your own phone out of component bricks.

They were all set to unveil the thing by now, showing off the new world of modular mobile phones. However, Google have decided to push back the public test of Project Ara until 2016.

The team behind this - Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group - have said that the release of the smartphone pilot changed this week, which scuppered the plan to have it in people's hands this year.

The reason for the delay, is that t project has gone through more iterations than ATAP initially thought they would.

That all said, this is still a great idea. If you want your phone to have a super-fancy camera, you can customise it. If you're not bothered about selfies and want better than standard speakers, then potentially, you'll be strapping some on your phone with ease. We like the idea a lot and, if it goes to plan, will be a good, cheap way of getting the phone you want.

We're just going to have to wait to have a play with it though.

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