Google to kill off some bloatware

google-plus-logo A lot of Android phones are clogged up with loads of apps they don't use and don't want. Samsung users have reams of pointless Samsung apps and, of course, a load of mandatory Google apps too. It is very annoying.

Well, Google have decided to do something about that and have cut down on the number of apps they make you have on the Android operating system. You'll be able to delete stuff! Forever! Without your phone mithering you to update them!

So which ones are applicable here? You'll be able to get rid of Google Play Games, Google+, Google Play Books and Google Newsstand, which is great.

Of course, if you want these apps, you'll still be able to get them through the Google Play store if you want.

This is a good move (about time) from Google and that means people with lower-priced handsets will be able to free up more space for music, movies, hi-res dirty pictures, or whatever it is you'd prefer to have on your phone. If all the other bloatware makers could follow suit, that'd be great.

And of course, Google have just announced Android Marshmallow too, the latest version of its OS.

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  • Raggedy
    It's about time! Those are some of the apps that I never use. Although recently, Google Play Games has been automatically updating itself (despite Auto-Update being turned off). Google needs to add more to the list, like all the ones that are receiving bad reviews for poor updates (Gmail, Google Drive, Google News & Weather, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, even Google Chrome is getting slated). Don't get me started on the Google Hindi Input, Korean Input and Pinyin Input which I neither use or need but am told constantly they need updating.

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