Google says bug won't affect most users

Google says bug won't affect most users

We told you about the bug that could hit 900 million Android devices yesterday, and now Google are speaking up on it.

Google have said that the Verify Apps feature in their Play Store is already blocking any dodgy apps that try and exploit the bug, and only someone taking chances by downloading from disreputable sources are likely to be compromised.

They also have the SafetyNet service, which is meant to protect people from bad apps that are not from the Play Store.

Basically, it sounds like they're saying 'it's your own stupid fault' if you end up with a phone riddled with the Quadrooter bug.

Verify Apps attempts to block any app that tries to exploit Quadrooter, for any device that is Android 4.2 onward.

Google say that this is 90% of all Android phones, which means the threat is drastically reduced.

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