Google remember they've got Android Wear to flog

Apple Watch Now that people are getting ready to strap their Apple Watches to their wrists, Google have remembered that they might want to capitalise on the SMARTWATCH FEVER! that is sweeping the nation.

And so, they're pointing at their own Android Wear and hoping someone takes an interest and have released a big update making them more functional, which is what everyone is after, obviously.

In a blog, Google has underlined the changes they've made, including an 'always-on apps' feature. Android Wear aficionados will know that there's existing software already has always-on stuff, but now, this update will let you extend it to apps so that they are visible for as long as you need them. Incredible, obviously. Apple must be soiling themselves in fear.

And the battery? Apparently, that won't get hammered as the screen will only be full colour when you are looking at it.

Android Wear is going to support built-in WiFi, as well as letting you flick your wrist if you want to scroll through your notifications. You can now tap the screen to start apps and send messages, which feels like a thing that should have been around for ages. One neat thing that the kids will like, is that you can also draw emojis directly on the watch screen and send them via message or text.

Expect these to rollout in the coming weeks. Try to contain yourselves.

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