Google release Gboard keyboard

Gboard keyboard

Google have gone and launched a new application for iOS smartphones and tablets, which is called Gboard.

What is it? It is a new mobile keyboard that puts Google's search power right into the keyboard.

Basically, it makes it easier for you to search for things, and Apple will be annoyed that Google will be hovering around their customers' eyeline all the time.

The keyboard also offers swipe typing and easy access to GIFs, as well as emoji, and all those other things that people love.

To use the search function, you tap the Google 'G' icon, and you're away! No need to exit your browser or anything like that. It is a very neat idea indeed. You'll be able to fact-check your wild claims much easier, and of course, it'll be super useful if you want to book a table at a restaurant, or check opening times for department stores and pubs.

You can use it in any app that requires the keyboard function, and information appears immediately in conversations and the like.

"We wanted to bring the best of Google to Gboard, so you'll see Maps, Translate, image and video search, News and others," says Rajan Patel, the head of the product team that developed it. “Initially, Gboard will not surface any information specific to you."

You can watch this video and find out what you need.

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