Google Play to reduce app size

Google Play to reduce app size

Aware of the costs of data on your smartphone, Google have said that they're going to bring in some changes with their Play Store.

They've brought in a new algorithm that reduces the size of app updates, and they'll also tell you about the actual size of each update before you download it, which is handy.

We said 'handy', not 'thrilling'.

Google reckon that the new Delta algorithm is going to reduce the app update size by as much as 50%.

They say: "For approximately 98 percent of app updates from the Play Store, only changes (deltas) to APK files are downloaded and merged with the existing files, reducing the size of updates."

"We recently rolled out a delta algorithm, bsdiff, that further reduces patches by up to 50 percent or more compared to the previous algorithm. Bsdiff is specifically targeted to produce more efficient deltas of native libraries by taking advantage of the specific ways in which compiled native code changes between versions."

"To be most effective, native libraries should be stored uncompressed (compression interferes with delta algorithms)."

Basically, everything will be smaller, which is good news for your phone.

It's great that app developers give you updates and new things to play with on your apps, but if it ends up hammering your data, it can get incredibly taxing for your phone, and irritating for you.

"APK Expansion Files allow you to include additional large files up to 2GB in size (e.g. high resolution graphics or media files) with your app, which is especially popular with games. We have recently expanded our delta and compression algorithms to apply to these APK Expansion Files in addition to APKs, reducing the download size of initial installs by 12 percent, and updates by 65 percent on average," they continued.

These changes are rolling out to all Google Play users over the coming weeks.

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