Google IM and video chat with Allo and Duo

Google IM and video chat with Allo and Duo

WhatsApp are bringing video calling to their incredibly popular instant-messaging app, and Telegram are letting users edit and delete messages they've already sent.

Well, Google want in on the action. Thus far, they haven't been too successful when it comes to IM apps. We're not sure why, but we think it might be something to do with people not wanting to use the same company for everything, all the time.

Undeterred, the internet giant has introduced two new apps called Allo and Duo for Android and iOS.

What's Allo?

Allo is an instant messaging app, which just so happens to feature the inbuilt Google Assistant. Basically, it is the same as all the other IM services, but has the assistant and 'smart reply' added into it.

If you're wondering what Google Assistant is, it is basically a thing that integrates search into the app itself. Basically, Google are trying to make it easier for you to search for hotels, cheap flights, or whatever, without having to leave the app.

What's Duo?

Duo is a video calling app, and according to Google, you'll be able to use it on weak data networks as well.

Here to take on WhatsApp's imminent service, as well as FaceTime, Duo will let you make video calls, provided they've also got Duo installed. The calls are in HD, if that's your thing.

What's happening to Hangouts?

This looks like a pair of apps that are going to replace Hangouts, but we can't say for certain. At the moment, Google are saying that it'll stick around, and are looking at it like a corporate thing, where businesses can do video conference calls.

What about privacy?

Duo will have end-to-end encryption, and Allo has an incognito mode that also has end-to-end encryption.

When can I get these apps?

They're coming in summer, with no specific date set.

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