Google, Apple and Samsung are fighting over your wallets

google-plus-logo Google are revamping their Google Wallet service, upping their game to take on Samsung and Apple to make the battle for your money a three-way dogfight. Well, if you don't include all the other companies that is.

Anyway, Wallet is getting improved and incorporating Softcard (which used to be called Isis Mobile Wallet, which would've been interesting if it were still called that in today's climate) and in the States, will be a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Similar deals are being worked on in a number of other markets and Wallet, of course, is already installed on loads of Android handsets, so look out for updates.

Google clearly want to take-on Apple Pay and the search giant's announcement makes particular reference to the "tap and pay functionality" of Wallet, meaning that this is a move to make Android fans take their NFC app seriously, after years of indifference.

Seeing as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile had previously blocked Wallet on their phones, this teaming-up means that the new platform is going to be more robust than previous efforts.

Of course, only last week, Samsung bought into LoopPay, which means there could be a scrap between the mobile maker and Google, which is a problem that Apple don't have.

However, with the UK being rather slow to embrace NFC payments, Google might hold out to see what Apple do first. With contactless payments being increased, things could get going sooner, rather than later.

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