Girls who love iPhones? There's some tat for that

Attention Apple fanboys: it may be a hypothetical scenario for some of you, but say you did want to indulge in a spot of bedroom roleplay with your girlfriend, there are more adventurous outfits for her to try before suggesting she dress her tuppence up as an iPhone:

You can just about get away with the doormat and we still think the coasters look pretty decent around the home. But not this. Rubbish.



  • Graham N.
    Boys can wear them too, but backwards.
  • Brad
    As if Apple Fanboys have sex or for that matter ever kissed a girl.
  • Jason
    Unfortunately most Mac fanboys are gay, so there's only going to be a market for about 10 people.
  • Apple S.
    Apple owner's rejoice with new beenie headwear, look like a twat while using your Apple Cac
  • dave
    We know what sort of viruses windows users get!
  • Amanda H.
    Sexually transmitted ones Dave.
  • Tom P.
    Where do i purchase these under garments? I haven't changed my Jockey Y fronts for a week.
  • Steve
    Women love macs, fact.
  • Antique A.
    " Posted by Jason | June 3rd, 2009 at 6:36 pm Unfortunately most Mac fanboys are gay, so there’s only going to be a market for about 10 people." CORRECTION!! Fortunately most Mac fanboys are gay, so I'm going to be in the market for about 10 of 'em!
  • Luke W.
    If I got down to these an a bint I'd be like, "Here's the phone bird, get your jeans back on and call yourself a taxi, leave the money for the phone call on the side table" then she'd be like "But Luke, I really want you to knock the back end out me" and then I'd be like "Nochance bird, not if your into iPhones you sad slag" Then she'd be all like crying and stuff like...
  • MinstrelMan
    whats an iPhone?
  • Craig
    LOL I love how the first thing ppl do is start insulting Mac fanboys - I own an iPhone and have a gf and am not a Mac fanboy. Its the Mac haters who can't quite accept that no matter how much they rant Apple do release SOME good products - like all companies. I think its time all these 15 year old virgins who think they are cool by saying crap like that got laid themselves and stopped worrying about trying not to be a Mac fan coz their nerdy mates might take the piss...or something like that.
  • Amanda H.
    Its a mobile phone for gay people. Here is its number one App:
  • Darren W.
    I dont see many microsoft geeks going wild over these, thats because they dont have Girlfriends to wear them...

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