Get free cash and savings on the high street with the Quidco app...

quidco_logo We’ve bigged it up to you before, but we feel strongly obliged to big up the Quidco app to you once again, seeing as how its just had a tidy little overhaul, and you should all be using it because you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain while you’re prowling around the high street with it.

How does it work? It works thus - using GPS technology, the app locates where you are and displays nearby offers around you. This could be money-saving vouchers, cashback on purchases or even cash amounts from retailers, ‘paying’ for you to enter their store and ‘check in’ using the app. If you snag a cash incentive, it is paid into your Quidco account and can then transferred into a bank or PayPal account. Good times!

It says here that over the past weekend, new users of the app bagged themselves over £7,000 worth of free check-in cash. Some of the names that are participating in the Quidco app experience include Debenhams, Argos, The Body Shop and Vodafone.

You can get the app for iOS and Android devices from the usual cyberplaces. Oh, and yes, we ARE affiliated with Quidco. Other apps are available.


  • Chewbacca
    Only for iSheep and fandroids. There ARE other os's out there, fuck you Quidco.
  • Chewbacca
    Anyway, Topcashback are far better. No £5/year fee and transactions don't mysteriously fail to track. Still waiting on Quidco chasing my claim for Sainsburys insurance from January. Muppets.
  • Sicknote
    Agree, Topcashback is far better and I've never had to raise a earnings query with them but compare that to Quidco...hmmm... I don't want to say robbing bastards, so I won't
  • Dick
    Yeah, but topcashback aren't owned by HUKD and BW like quidco is, so they don't get a plug.

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