Get a gold phone to match your teeth grillz

ARE YOU FEELIN GANGSTA? If you really want to jazz up your sad, miserable life of driving to work and coming back again, and you’d rather be cavorting in a swimming pool with some sad-eyed ‘hos’, then stick with Vodaphone and they’ll reward you with a gold Samsung Galaxy S5.

gold phone

Ok, so Vodaphone may come bottom of the table for 4G and general reliability, but LOOK! SHINY THINGS! If you preorder by March 28th you can get the limited edition Samsung Galaxy exclusive to Vodaphone.

Actually, although it looks gold, it’s actually described by Samsung as ‘copper.’ Hmm.

Still, as long as you don’t tell your homies that it’s a cheap fake gold coloured phone that might actually be copper, it’ll be fine. It will show your pals that you are on top of your green like a motherf***** tractor. Just wave it around VERY QUICKLY so nobody can see it isn’t actually gold, and you could be the king of the corner.

The corner outside Costcutters in Penge.


  • youngy
    It's Vodafone
  • Paul S.
  • CockBoy
    It's Vodafone not Vodaphone you illiterate cunt!
  • Ian
    Do you consistenly call them 'Vodaphone' as some sort of attempt to be funny? Or are you just retarded?

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