Galaxy Note 7 to return to Europe

Galaxy Note 7 to return to Europe

Samsung have been having an absolute nightmare over their exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Now that they've apologised, and sorted out the issues, they're planning on re-releasing the smartphone through Europe before the year is out. It is looking like November, if you're keen.

Reviews of the phone have been pretty good, before they started boarding the combustion train, so they're worth a look if you're in the market for a new phone.

"We fully expect (new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices) to be available everywhere by the end of November - well before the end of the fourth quarter," said David Lowes, Samsung's chief marketing officer in Europe.

Samsung have vowed that they will not sell any more of the smartphones until they're completely satisfied that they've exchanged the existing Note 7s that have had dodgy batteries.

Around 2.5 million have been sold, before the global recall was issued.

"We will be looking at the shape of our business and the forecast for that over the coming weeks," Lowes added.

"We are confident that we can start to make up any ground that we have lost and get that momentum back into our business… get that total momentum back as we exit 2016 and set ourselves up for a strong 2017."

Lowes thinks the exchanges will be complete in a fortnight.

"We will give Note 7 all the support we were going to give it in the first place. There is no backing away from it," he said. “We created demand which we want to go back to fulfilling as fast as possible."

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