Future Klaxon! The PaperPhone is here!

Do you love your touch-screen smartphone but wish that it was more bendy? Yes, we know the feeling. Rigidity in technology is SO 2010 isn’t it?

Thankfully, some boffins from Ontario and Arizona have pooled their brainular resources and developed some ‘thin-film’ technology that can be operated by touch AND bending. As one of the boffins, Roel Vertegaal parped, it “looks, feels, and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper”.

The PaperPhone has an E-ink display and can perform most of the tasks that your bog-standard, boring, RIGID smartphone can do – making calls, storing and playing music, reading eBooks. But it’s BENDY.

Here’s a couple of videos of the technology in action. It’s mightily impressive and perhaps we finally know what the 21st century exists for - a massive arm-computer. Welcome to the Bendy Age.



  • Richard
    but does it read?
  • serial p.
    the bitch at the end of second video .......... I would like to come on those sexy glasses.

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