Fury as EE loses signal

EE Remember when EE were unveiled as Britain's best mobile network and everyone laughed? Well, this morning, we saw their customers apoplectic with rage after they were left without a signal for 12+ hours.

Customers were unable to make any calls, text anyone or use the internet.

Naturally, EE customers took to Twitter to vent spleen while EE themselves stuck their fingers in their ears and shouted about 'Gremlins in the system'.

EE tweeted: "There seems to be some Gremlins in the system – we're aware of a network outage at the moment & working hard to fix."

"A technical issue has been causing some of our customers to experience problems with their signal," they added. "This issue has been resolved for many of those affected, and normal service for all customers should resume shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers."

However, this morning, there were still scores of customers unable to use their phones and again, Twitter was crazy with angry comments.

"@EE I have had no service since 6pm yesterday and still have none. Not happy. Will my bill be reduced?" shouted @Ditzytart. Meanwhile, @Alex_Segal flatly stated: "Everyone on @EE should get this month for free as compensation," while @sealeyd clucked: "Definition of irony: After 12 hours without @EE service, the first text I receive is to tell me my data allowance has expired"

Celebrity sorts were affected too! Groovy MP Tom Watson tweeted: "@EE 12 hours without a phone signal. Good prep for the zombie apocalypse. Not so good for my busy day of work."

Drum & Bass royalty weren't happy either, with Shy FX (@ShyFX) tweeting: "Dear @EE, I suggest you change your name to NN (nothing nowhere). Safe."


  • jokester4
    ShyFX clearly doesn't understand the English language... 'Nothing Nowhere' is exactly the same thing as 'Everything Everywhere'. Dipshit.
  • jim
    maybe u missed the point - too busy trying to show off your grammer nazi-ness dont diss the drum n bass crew big up shy fx!
  • evilnoodle
    "‘Nothing Nowhere' is exactly the same thing as ‘Everything Everywhere’." No, it is the same as saying 'Something Everywhere' i.e. nothing does not exist, there is ALWAYS something (but not necessarily always everything). :)
  • Jon
    jokester4; technically you can't say 'Nothing Nowhere' = 'Everything Everywhere'. You can only assume that 'Nothing Nowhere' would mean 'Something Everywhere'. There is no proof that the absence of nothing would therefore be everything.
  • Slacker
    Is this how electronic-tat-dependent the world has become, when people start foaming at the mouth because their bloody phone doesn't work for half a day. Seriously, get a grip.

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