Friday poll - will you subscribe to Spotify's iPhone app?

So the good news for iPhone loving music chums is that the Spotify app has now been approved by Apple and will be available in the App Store shortly. This means you'll be able to compile playlists on your desktop or your iPhone - choosing from millions of songs - and then cache them offline so you can effectively keep any 3,300 songs on your handset at any time.

The bad news is that to use the app, you'll have to subscribe to Spotify's Premium service at a cost of £9.99 per month. Although this means you can enjoy music on your desktop app at far higher quality (320kbps), access to exclusive tracks and none of those bleeding Kate Moss ads, it's going to cost you £120 a year. And unless Spotify have done some extraordinary deal with Apple by which it can operate as a background app, you can't do anything else with your handset while music is playing. That, frankly, is a complete pain in the arse.

So on the one hand you have access to millions of tracks on your iPhone or iPod and you never need bother with iTunes again, and on the other you're £120 out of pocket. So which is it to be? Vote, comment and let us know. And if you're not an iPhone fanboy, chances are you'll pay the same price if and when Spotify is released for your handset, so don't be shy and vote too:


  • Mewling P.
    I voted yes but want you to screw off anyway.
  • Dan
    Yes, but for a trial peroid of a month or two.
  • Simon
    If it were £4.99, I wouldn't think twice. £120/year is causing some consternation.
  • V L.
    lol, what happened to limewire?
  • goon
    where is the option of 'i'm not an iphone tosser, and i have a life'
  • ball_sack
    goon you ball sack
  • Paul S.
    Goon - presumably you have a mobile phone, so perhaps the last sentence applies to you.
  • goon
    yes i have a phone. a normal mobile phone. i don't get it out at every opportunity and bore people about how great it is.
  • Andrew R.
    Your mum was impressed by it!
  • goon
    no she wasn't. she said it was for boring tossers.
  • goon
    she also said spotify was for boring losers. losers who listen to mp3's on thier phones while for example, sat on a bus/train.
  • John S.
    Goon, please don't lump all iphone users in the same basket as "boring tossers" thats less of a reflection on iphone owners but more on the people you know!
  • Mewling P.
    But iPhone users ARE boring tossers. Don't stiffle the guy's correctivity.
  • Tom
    Ignoring Goon's obvious trolling attempts. £120 a year ... yeah quite steep. But as an alternative it's one music album purchase a month ... or can stream as much as you'd like via Spotify. Tempted ... yes. Discouraged though if it doesnt work in background, or with backgrounder. If it doesnt support A2DP. If it doesn't work over 3G network and requires wifi (like Skype).
  • Mewling P.
    Go back to Facebook Tom - you've got no friends here.
  • Nathan
    @Tom I think the setup is that it streams over 3G, but if you want to use the 'Offline Playlist' function, you need to download the tracks over WiFi. As for A2DP, I thought that was a system wide setting, so that once you you connect your iPhone to the bluetooth stereo in Settings, any sound on the iPhone comes through the bluetooth speakers instead, so Spotify should work (the YouTube app does). The background thing is a little shitty though, might have to jailbreak mine again just for Backgrounder.
  • G. T.
    So that's £10 per month plus you then need unlimited internet- don't they limit unlimited internet? Sincere question. I want an iphone in 2 years when it can do what it is supposed to.
  • Nathan
    @ G. Threepwood All O2 iPhone tariff's come with 'unlimited' data usage (although if you look at O2's T&C's there is a fair use limit of around 250mb. I really hammer my iPhone's data usage, and O2 have never got in touch about excessive usage, so I wouldn't worry about it. The problem with O2 isn't going over your fair use allowance, it's actually finding a 3G signal in the first place.
  • Kevin
    It will need a wi-fi connection, theres no way it'd work over the edge network and 3G is too flaky when actually moving round. Therefore it's pretty useless. Those Kate Moss adverts are hideous aren't they!
  • goon
    I am a boring tosser. All I do is rant about people with iPhones because I'm jealous of them. I have a boring normal phone thats only any good for phoning people. I can't impress anyone with my phone because it does nothing impressive. I'm not impressed by technology. I spend most of my time at home on my own...crying and wanking at the same time

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