French Orange employees in suicide epidemic

orange_france_smtp I’ve been an Orange/EE customer for many years, and you know, it’s not THAT bad. But employees at Orange in France have been dropping like flies due to a spate of mysterious suicides.

In the seven weeks between January 14th and 6th March this year, 10 staff from different Orange offices in France killed themselves. Officials say that two out of the ten had an obvious connection with troubled private lives, but the other eight seem to be related to stress at work.

Orange is France’s telecommunications behemoth, formerly known as the state owned France Telecom. In 2008/9, when it was still operating as France Telecom, there was a national scandal after 35 employees killed themselves. The then CEO, Didier Lombard, was forced to resign after the deaths.

Union officials are saying that this latest ‘suicide epidemic’ is an ‘alarm bell.’ Head of the SUD trades union Patrick Akermann said:

‘To have so many deaths in so short a period is deeply worrying. Of course, the causes need to be examined further but we believe management must think again about its recruitment policy. The pressures on people at work are sometimes unbearable.’

Now I'm not Miss Marple, but I deduce that Orange is a crappy place to work. Let's hope the company is properly investigated, and employees find some way to relieve their stress, because it isn't worth killing yourself for a phone company. Orange Wednesdays anyone?

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    Telecommunications company... Mass suicides.. Someone to blame...Rf waves... Microchips... When is the time coming that people are scanned for this violation given without consent... 45 people don't just kill themselves because of a changing work place.. Its far beyond that so called fact. The rape and violation of microchipping needs to be examined, seriously examined... This has apparently (since the last world war) been going on for years. There's so many unexplained killings and suicides over the years. Some involved claim to hear "voices" and experience other uncontrollable thoughts and actions. In turn raping them of their will power to live. Mental health seems to be given, not aquired. These local terrorists need to be stopped. If implanted micro chips aren't the cause in 45 peoples unexplained depression death and drama, then prove it! These people and their families deserve the answer. Sincerely, Me.

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