Free wireless charging at McDonalds!

mcdonalds_logo McDonald's are going to offer wireless charging in their grease-shacks.

The fast food chain are trying to get people to sit around their branches to make them look busier, and so that will work.

Teaming up with Aircharge, the Qi wireless charging devices will be mats that are wipe clean and water resistant and the service will be available in 50 McD's London outlets, as well as other sites around the country.

Burger munchers will be able to use the service for free, presumably once they've bought something first. Then again, not everyone puts money in the till before having a McPiss do they?

The upcoming launch follows a successful trial in a limited number of restaurants.

Also, tellingly, the trial showed that customers were willing to wait up to 30 minutes just to use one of the charging mats. That's a lifetime in a McDonald's world, frankly.

The main problem here is that this technology only works with compatible phones, which are currently very few. If you have the Nexus 6 and Lumia 930, you're in. If you're not (ie The Majority Of You), then you'll have to whistle. Or use a plug socket somewhere.


  • Alexis V.
    How will this work considering they'll hit you with a phoney Parking Eye 'fine' for overstaying by 3 seconds?
  • DrJogalog
    Just don't pay the fine if its not from a council.

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