Free roaming abroad in seven countries for Three customers

three Here’s one if you’re an intrepid traveller who enjoys using your mobile phone to ring your mates and tell them what you’re up to.

Three are now letting customers use their existing allowances in seven other countries – Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Republic Of Ireland and Sweden.

It won’t cost anything extra and is available for pay monthly, pay as you go, mobile broadband and business customers. While you’re in those countries, your calls, texts and data will all come out of your regular allowance and it won’t cost you to receive calls either. Data roaming on any network in the country that you’re in will be allowable.

It sounds to us as though this is perfect if you can get your hands on a cheap, unlocked phone, bang a PAYG sim card in there and away you go. Don’t forget to ring us from Vienna!

(spotted by avid HotUKDeals member AhmadCentral)


  • Alexis
    Grrr. I was just in Italy 2 weeks ago and have a 3 phone
  • Arse C.
    I havada 4 phone but I donta brag about it.
  • James R.
    They used to do this years ago. Great service. And then they removed it.
  • Russ
    I am off to Rome in a months time, just tweeted them to ask can I use my MyFi contract over there, would be dead handy to have data on the move

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