Free calls for free! Free! Free! Free!

965545_1 Currently burning the living daylights out of the Freebies section over on HotUKDeals is a new app called 0800 Wizard – as you’d have probably gathered by now, it’s absolutely free.

What it does is this – if you’re an iPhone or Android mobile phone user and need to call an 0800, 0808 or 0500 number, you’ll probably have to pay up to 41p per minute as it probably won’t be included in your bundled minutes.

Simply dial in the 0800, 0808 or 0500 number and the app will convert it into a standard 01 or 02 number that will be free as part of your bundled minutes. If you don’t have any minutes or are a PAYG customer, it’ll be charged the same as a standard geographic number.

The app has been getting some rave reviews and it worked for us earlier when we had a bash at it, so we’re giving it A CAUTIOUS BITTERWALLET FOAM THUMBS UP!


  • axisofevil
    But 0800 numbers are totally free from a landline. Why would you want to use a fiddly little mobile (and pay for the "privilege") when you could use a full sized handset on a landline. Has the world gone mad?
  • Will
    @ axisofevil Not everyone has a landline.
  • Brad
    Because if you are out and about or work in a non-office environment then this is not mad.
  • Wibble
    For us poor deluded saps who don't have a Jesus phone or an Android phone This one isn't free in the sense of running naked through an orchid covered in honey but if you have bundled minutes its part way their - and legal. link attached - I have used this and you do not get charged just uses your inclusive minutes.

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