Forget the iPhone, is Apple now working on a netbook?

The new Apple iPhones out next month (or July) with all their whizz gadgetry (and according to both retailers and others, an FM radio?) are already old news. Whether they happen or not, it doesn't matter - for the fanboys out there, your eyes should be on a bigger prize.

The Silicon Alley Insider carries news that Apple are working on the fabled media pad, a mythical device that has been whispered about for the past several years. Apple has never displayed much public interest in creating such a device, but now that sales in netbooks are escalating, it'd make sense to take a chunk of the market at some point.

It's a respected analyst called Gene Munster making the claims; although the netbook marketing is growing, it's still in its infancy, so Munster speculates Apple will wait until next year before launching a device more powerful than the iPhone that won't endanger sales of the MacBook.

[Silicon Alley Insider]


  • Hmm...
    Yeah, it looks great but and OLED screen?? Who's going to shell out £2000 for a netbook?
  • Darren W.
    I know that the above image was mustered up by some design student eager to work for Apple... but I heard that OLED screens dont last too long? I heard about 3 year tops? is this right...
  • Mike H.
    Daren, by then Apple will have something new out and thosewho bought one will be bored of it.
  • MinstrelMan
  • Song B.
    The OLED unit in my Pioneer car radio, although not as technologically advanced as current OLED tech, has been going for over 5 years trouble free :)
  • pauski
    Record label I think.
  • Andre
    OLED is still in its infancy, but the short life span is about 3years i believe, but of course is yet to be fully tested in the real world. But then anyone remember the first plasmas? They died after about 500hours! Now they last as long as LCD
  • Hot S.
    It'd only get voted cold by idiots on HUKD because it's not a 9p tin of beans. Funny how they all denounce apple products and industry domination but all crowd around one particular netbook as a comparison (the Samsung one).
  • Bob
    well it depends on how much it will be. if its too expensive for a gimmicky screen, then sure peopl ewill vote cold.
  • Gus
    @ hotstuff Idiots fanboys like you that make us mock and hate apple!
  • McDave
    MinstrelMan - Apple are the consumer tech company that has a market value 25% larger than HP (their biggest competitor), with twice the profit. They're the reason you use a mouse with your computer (Xerox had the idea but Apple brought it to the public) though not for long, fingers next and why most of us do music differently now. McD

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