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14 February 2011

This week is arguably the biggest week of the year for the mobile industry  - and it has precisely nothing to do with Apple. It's Mobile World Congress (MWC), a week-long event in Barcelona that sees 50,000 bodies from all over the world attempt to woo weary journalists into their booths with the promise of a free USB stick, talk precocious bollocks at three in the morning after too much vino tinto, to be then set about by hookers as they stagger through the Raval with their luminous lanyards marking them out as fresh meat.

Bitterwallet - Mobile World Congress

Yes, we've been before, we know the drill and we're tired of the schoozing and complimentary bar tabs. So pop on over to, our newest and hippest sister blog, and you'll find it rammed to the rim with coverage from MWC. Mobiles, tablets, apps - if there's a twenty-something singleton in a branded sweatshirt holding it, you'll find photos and reviews of it on Mobot. Aces. You'll be clicking on this link now if you know what's good for you.

Bitterwallet is also going to MWC, by the way - you may see some coverage in amongst the posts of this esteemed organ, but since Apple don't turn up to the event we clearly won't be that arsed. Instead it's far more likely you'll find us on Carrer de Sant Ramon, arguing with a lady over the cost of special trouser kisses.

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  • Paul C.
    Mobot's journalism is pretty piss-poor in comparison to the good ship, bitterwallet. Even now, I'm looking at that sentence contemplating the absurdity of what I have just written. Seriously guys, go over there and splash some expletive jism, Frankie Boyle humour and Linda Lovelace experience over their little faces. Or failing that, wait outside their office in your Datsun Cherry and a bag of sherbert lemons.

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