Mac rumours - all aboard the Apple bandwagon

A round-up of news and outlandish rumours from the last 24 hours in the Applesphere:

Apple seeks U.S. ban on Nokia imports
In the continuing 'my dad's bigger than your dad' spat between Apple and Nokia, the Jobsovian Empire has now filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission to block the import of Nokia handsets into the US. Not that a move would do any huge harm to Nokia since their market share in the US is teeny tiny - it's just one more way Apple can piss off Nokia in their smartphone patent war.

Bitterwallet - the Apple tablet Apple looks for iSlate mobile partner
Less of a rumour, more a case of stating the bleeding obvious - assuming Apple's 'latest creation' is a tablet PC, then it's unimaginable it would be wifi-only. This device is going to chew up a lot of data so any mobile carrier will want their pound of flesh in return, since UK operators are already struggling with massive increases in data usage.

It's possible that a UK provider will heavily subsidise the cost of the device in return for a 24 month contract, as they do with netbooks and laptops, but with all hope of the tablet being remotely affordable receding quicker than Declan Donelly's hairline, any deal would be unlikely to render the tablet free.

Will the new iPhone 4G stream free horse pornography live from Germany?

Apple and Microsoft discuss giving Bing top iPhone billing
Perhaps it fanboy paranoia or perhaps Apple have noticed Google's concerted effort to RULE THE EARTH. Rumour has it that Apple and Microsoft are in discussions to replace Google with as the default search engine on the iPhone. Bing certainly hasn't suffered from poor reviews and most users probably wouldn't care that much, certainly not enough to bother changing the default back to Google.


  • digriz
    Bing is a piece of crap. Google on the other hand is quite useful and user friendly.
  • Kim
    I hate Bing, Google is so much better!
  • MayContainNuts
    If Bing's search was run by Apple, and branded iSearch, all the Mac fanboys would be creaming over it. It's only the MS hate that has prevented it getting a bigger market share. Bing is a perfectly adequate search engine and actually outperforms google when searching for videos and some more obscure stuff.
  • who c.
    does anybody bother to read any apple related article written by Paul Smith nowadays?
  • Darren
    @ Who Cares... yes people do bother to read them and comment.... on the other hand at Macrumors they have reckon its going to be called the Ipad.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    No, I only came in here as I genuinely thought it was Fleetwood Mac related news. As per usual though, its just the same old iShit that gets posted on here every day, written by an iTwat
  • Octo D.
    Hahahaha! It's like toddlers at a playground! Truly fantastic. All I heard from the above comments was "whaaaa whaaaa, whaaa" which can be translated as "I'm so whoppingly intolerant that there can be any view other than my own that I automatically assume that such views are absolutely wrong. Furthermore I'll simplify everything down to bugger all so what's left looks like it supports my 'argument'. The fact that I look like a cock-spanner is not important". The IfYouCopyMyName one - brilliant! What are you, twelve? And all the iJokes iBecame iNotFunny iSeveralYearsAgo, even to toddlers. And 'who-cares': outstanding work. So much hypocracy, so few words...
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
  • Martin W.

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