Flappy Bird might be coming back, which is dreadful news

flappy-bird Flappy Bird is, if we're being honest, one of the worst games ever made which has gone overground. It is one-dimensional, irritating, sounds rubbish and makes annoying gits screengrab their vague improvements every two seconds and flood your social media feeds with their latest achievements.

Basically, the kind of people who loudly crow about Flappy Bird should be kicked in the arse for eternity and generally made an example of.

When developer Dong Nyguyan said he was axing it, everyone went crazy before the din died down and everyone got a breather from weirdo Flappy Bird enthusiasts.

However, Nyguyan has hinted that he might be ready to bring it back. It seems that the media attention that once worried him might be something he enjoyed after all.

After saying that the game that had "ruined his simple life," Dong did a bafflingly large interview with Rolling Stone magazine and admitted that he's thinking about Flappy Bird's return. "I'm considering it," he told the magazine, noting that any comeback would come with a "warning [to] take a break!"

Seems Nyguyen has more games to promote too. He's got a cowboy shoot 'em up, a vertical flying game dubbed Kitty Jetpack and an "action chess game" called Checkonaught set for release. And they'll all feature cutesy 8bit graphics and profound frustration, no doubt.

Just what we all needed.

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  • loonloozler
    Mof Gimmers-showing once again you have your finger well and truly on the pulse of whats hot! I really struggle to find the point in your articles?! Are you and lucy that determined to prove you are too cool for school. you will complaing about everything?! i struggle even more with why i bother reading this cr4p every day!!

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