Firefox OS to launch €39 smartphone

firefox Firefox are launching a budget smartphone in Spain that'll cost a paltry €39, which could well kick off a war for a scrap for the bottom.

The ZTE Open has a small 3.5-inch screen, a 1Ghz single-core processor and 256MB of RAM, but Mozilla aren't trying to dazzle those interested in spec. They want to grab those looking to make their first steps into the world of smartphones.

There's a small catch - the whole thing will actually cost €69 as it comes with a bundled €30 pay-as-you-go credit and 4GB storage card, but that's still small fry.

The handset will use Firefox's mobile OS, a HTML-based, open-source platform that supports Twitter, Facebook, and Nokia's HERE maps with offline functionality. There'll also be an "adaptive app search" that Mozilla claims "transforms the phone to meet your needs at any moment"

Firefox added: "For example, search for your favourite music artist and get results to buy your favourite song, concert tickets or even listen to your favorite song instantly. Making it possible for you to create these one-time use or downloadable apps on demand gives you a completely customised experience and helps you get the exact content you want, when you want it."


  • digibanger
    Clint Eastwoods some dude - first fighter jets now smartphones
  • Mustapha S.
    So will probably be £69. Firefox is a shitty browser anyway. What version are we on now, 245243450.11? Better off getting a nokia 520 for £10 more, and bung in an ovivo sim card for £15. Why do companies assume people always want shit stuff as their first foray in to something? I really fancy buying a house... I know, I'll buy a tent first and see if I like it! Or, I really want a car, I know I'll get a skateboard.
  • Phuck Y.
    Your first house is shit. Well, yours will be anyway.
  • Dr B.
    @digibanger "Clint Eastwoods some dude – first fighter jets now smartphones" Clint will have to go to Spain, kill some people, and steal their smartphone. He's getting a bit old for that shit.

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