Fair price for sat-nav on the iPhone gets lost en-route

So the iPhone is getting the app that most owners have hoped for from the very start - Razzle sat-nav. It seems slightly ridiculous that it's taken over two years since the launch to get around to it, but now Tom Tom have finally delivered for Apple. Previously TomTom had released some detail of what their package for iPhone owners would consist of:

It's a more rounded offering than a simply iPhone app, then - sat-nav software, in-car cradle, hands-free calling and the suggestion of some sort of iTunes integration, although it doesn't state how that works. All of this we already knew - what we didn't know was the price. Distributors HandTec have just released that detail, and it's £113.85 - barely £16 cheaper than the cheapest system available from Tom Tom. There's no word as to when it's available, and no mention of the iPhone on TomTom's site - perhaps HandTec have jumped the gun on an official launch.

Here's the thing - folks buy into the iPhone dream for a metric fuckton of hard cash, and they tend to hope that by spending said metric fuckton, they're already investing in capabilities like this. Not that a third party like TomTom can give away their product for free, because they don't want to damage sales of their own products. That said, paying £114 for the sort of functionality you expect from the iPhone seems to be nothing short of taking the piss.


  • Song B.
    TomTom might as well fuck off and stick to their own personal devices at these prices.
  • Mike e.
    Cant wait for this to come out for my new Iphone, going to bob it in my Audi, cant wait!
  • Jammer M.
    Complete and utter fail or Tomtom, I would say £50ish would be a reasonable price. On a side note is the Orange GPS map thingy good?
  • Dave
    You'd just buy a tomtom device instead and use that in your car. I hope very few people purchase this and make them have to drop the price to the expected £50.
  • Mike e.
    Cant wait for this to come out for my new Iphone, going to bob it in my BMW, cant wait! (I feel I've said something similar to this already...)
  • JudgeDread
    its been this price for windows mobile for years
  • Nobby
    > You’d just buy a tomtom device instead and use that in your car. Isn't that the whole point. TomTom price it so they sell their equipment, not Apple's. They make it available to Apple fanboys, if they really have to have it on their iphone, but you may as well just buy a regular TomTom device.
  • Chris
    Well the TomTom offering for Windows smartphones costs £90 (http://www.tomtom.com/products/product.php?ID=898&Category=2&Lid=1), so you're paying that + £23 for the cradle. I agree it's overpriced, but it's not a massive leap from what they already offer.
  • Mike U.
    Fuck That!! I will just download the IPA file and install in on my jailbroken iPhone for free Now thats a bargain!!!
  • The B.
    Sod that, I bought the Navman from Smiths for £40 (£36 less quidco) and then hacked the bugger to get Tomtom 7 on it, why would I want it on my iPhone? I get peed off enough with Google maps without Tt telling me to go the wrong direction.
  • Robert`
    Why not get the Copilot for only £25?! http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/455226/copilot-live-2009-sat-nav-iphone-25/
  • Jeffrey A.
    I find myself in such shock, I'm struggling to retain the ability to tpye corictly.
  • quagmire
    Get navigon software - its pretty good and was only £35 when released!
  • Ian
    Ok, that is pretty pricey. But the benefit of getting it for the iPhone is that you get updates, refinements, extras etc and don't have to pay anymore. You don't get this with a non-iPhone Tom Tom. Also, maybe this price includes worldwide maps?
  • Ian
    Tom Tom have denied this will be the price... http://smartphones.about.com/b/2009/08/06/tomtom-denies-iphone-app-price-leaked.htm
  • Phil
    Makes the Nokia maps £40 a year look good! (And I refuse to pay that).

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