EXCLUSIVE* - first look at the iPhone 5**!

They said it couldn't be done*** but we've got our hands on it**** - FIRST!*****:

Bitterwallet - iPhone 5
The Chinese tech pirates are always quick off the mark to clone new technology, especially the iPhone. This handset is suspected to be a clone of the newest Apple handset, based on either a prototype or the actual model currently being manufactured.

Isn't it great?****** And don't forget, you'll always read the latest Apple news on Bitterwallet FIRST*******.

* not exclusive at all because it's from [GizChina]
** probably isn't, but it's not stopping anyone else indulging in wild speculation for the sake of linkbait
*** nobody said that
**** actually we just lifted it after seeing it on Gizmodo
***** not first
****** looks a little shit to be honest with you
******* last


  • A N.
    FAKE. It's quite obviously photoshopped, can you not see where they lines are? I put the picture under a scanning electron microscope and blah, blah, blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Bill J.
    Looks suspicously like my iPhone 3GS with a little bitty sticker pretending to be camera. I'll buy 4.
  • S J.
    The final product will have more Android features incorporated and renamed with an "i" in front. New features include: *iTwat - it creates a mirror on the screen for the user to stare endlessly at themselves. *iPatent - Any idea you have whilst using the phone, even being in its proximity are automatically patented to Apple. *iPay - an old idea revamped, where you continue paying Apple for the use of the phone long after receive it. Dead battery - iPay for Apple to change it for me. *iMbutch - an app that creates random butch sentences for the user to say, detracting people from noticing you are carrying a phone that is camper than a row of pink tents!
  • Jim
    These are being sold in Chinatown complex Singapore for about £75.

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