Every little helps Tesco top mobile satisfaction league

A delighted Tesco Mobile customer, earlier today

Every other week, a mobile network does something to thoroughly piss off its customers; everyone threatens to quit and move their custom some place else. But networks are by and large the same, and a new service provider will let themselves down sooner or later. Some are better than others, however, and according to you lot, Tesco Mobile is the top dog across the board.

The study by JD Power measures customer satisfaction with pre-pay and pay monthly plans among the leading UK mobile network service providers. 3,400 mobiles customers were surveyed, who declared Tesco Mobile best overall and specifically for cost of service, offerings and promotions and handset factors.

There was good news for mobile customers overall, too; the proportion of mobile phone users who contacted customer service has declined year-on-year. Among pre-pay customers, 14 per cent say they contacted customer service in 2011, down from 22 per cent in 2010. Among pay monthly customers, 39 per cent called up agents to piss and moan, compared to 55 per cent the year before.

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  • Skinflint
    I switched last month to Tesco, went for a 1 month contract SIM only deal. Pros: British call centres, free voicemail, very affordable. Cons: As I know, there is no service to check your remaining minutes/text allowance by text like I had on O2. I rather liked this! Oh, and having the 'TESCO' operator text scream at you from the top of the phone isn't fun. Reminds me of the consumer whore that I am.
  • Consumer w.
    Tesco are often criticised for dominating retail and screwing suppliers, but low prices and good service shows how they got to be so massive. Plus their service provider is O2 and they deserve to be screwed, just for being O2.
  • MrRobin
    I'm with Tesco mobile. they're good, except when you go abroad. half the countries I've been to I've had a text saying "You have travelled to a country where you will not be able to make calls or send texts" Useful!!!
  • Plusman
    I use Tesco Mobile and am happy with it - except that automatic top-up is a nightmare. The systems between Tesco and their auto-pay provider Mi-Pay just don't work.
  • Kevin
    I wanted to switch to Tesco but they didn't have any Iphone 4's, refused to tell me on the rare occasions they were apparently available and didn't respond to emails. Put me off going to them in the future.

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