Every little doesn't help Tesco pay mobile website bill

"I do enjoy being warned about dodgy security by my browser," remarks avid Bitterwallet reader John, "particularly when it comes to checking my Tesco mobile account at https://paymonthly.tescomobile.com/."

Bitterwallet - Tesco Mobile fail
"Their certificate expired on Sunday. I emailed them yesterday, yet it still remains expired. Maybe they're short of a bob or two?"


  • John
    Oddly, after this has been published, they fixed it... Behold the mighty power of Bitterwallet :-)
  • Rich
    it's working now. News fail?
  • Klingelton
    Someone dropped a rather large testicle on this one then...
  • ash c.
    Hey did you see that ash cloud, oh its gone now.
  • Wanky H.
    Disappeared in a puff of smoke?
  • F. F.
    Looks some lazy admin forgot about it - they've fixed the problem and the new certificate started on the 27/04/10. Move along nothing to see here...
  • One t.
    What a sad, boring little life you must lead John.

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