Europeans losing confidence in Vodafone?

Vodafone Vodafone aren't Mr Popular at the mobile phone party, especially in Europe. They've been dodging tax, helping out the baddies in the Arab Spring and mucking customers about for no reason.

As such, it looks like Europeans are looking elsewhere to get their contracts and it has been reported that Vodafone's Euro revenues have fallen by around 10%. The company are confident this is just a blip and that everything will be fine once they roll out 4G properly.

"The environment in Europe remains challenging and we have continued to experience intense macroeconomic, regulatory and competitive pressures in the quarter," said chief exec Vittorio Colao. "The shift to 4G is gaining momentum and we have seen improving mobile customer net addition trends. We are therefore optimistic that our revenue performance will begin to improve as regulatory headwinds ease and customer appetite for video and content services increases."

Performance in Europe is twice as bad as it was in the September quarter. Germany, Vodafone's biggest European market, revenues fell by 8% while in Spain and Italy, they fell by 14%  and 17% respectively.

Faster mobiles speeds and better coverage are one thing, but the level of hate that Vodafone get compared to their competitors is quite another. Are we getting to the point where people have had enough to such a level that they'll actually do something about it?


  • Roge
    I look to move from Vodafone every year but O2 don't do 12 month contracts (I want a new phone every year when they come out round December and not to be tied to 24 month contract) so end up staying with Vodafone... Customer Service is terrible. Charges abroad are outrageous. The tax dodging grates. Have been impressed with 4G tho (I live in London) It's faster than wifi.
  • Shaneo
    I moved a long time ago, bought a phone sim free, sold my contract phone to pay for it, and moved to rolling month sim only one with Three (and vodafone before that). Never pay more than £13/month before extras, and get a new phone every 6 months, selling the other one while resale value is still high. Means I save a considerable amount while still having the newest gear. Plus, on Three, Im getting 4g and all-you-can-eat data for no extra cost (£12.50/month) AND I get free roaming in Ireland and elsewhere S
  • barry f.
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  • Trolley B.
    Looking at old trolley photo can cause cancer. Be warned!
  • Sneeky P.
    Europeans loosing confidence in Trolley of the week, how long has that been there?
  • Sneeky P.
    I'm not even sure it's a Trolley never mind of the week!
  • Pete
    Vodafone have a terrible reputation in Germany, they are know as the rip off artists. Mis selling products, lieing to customers. There have been a few undercover investigative TV shows on Vodafones hard sell tactics. The general opinion here is that once you have been with Vodafone you never go back. They have poured tons of money into their 4G network, I am waiting on the competition to catch up before I dump them. A throughly dishonest company, couple that with their tax evasion and other unsavoury activities If anyone from Vodafone UK read this you are headed for a crash, Long term outlook, your screwed.
  • ngih t.
    want a new phone every year when they come out round December and not to be tied to 24 mont
  • ngih t.
    working in capital markets outside the UK. You didn’t expect a banker to be 100% straight up did you?
  • wOnKeY H.
    Can't be any worse than Aerial Direct.
  • LD
    Escaping from them next week!!!!!

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