European roaming charges just got cheaper

Roaming Charges

Irritating everyone with your holiday pictures, while you're still on holiday, just got easier, as roaming charges in Europe fell by (up to) 75% this weekend. You'll be able to show off that flea-bag cat that begged at you while you eat a chop next to the see, in real time!

The European Commission (EC) brought in the roaming charges cap on Saturday, which of course, precedes the complete ban on them in June 2017.

Should the UK stay in the EU, it means that when you travel across Europe, your mobile provider won't be able to charge you any more than €0.05 extra (per minute) for outgoing calls, €0.01 p/m for incoming calls, €0.02 for each text message, and €0.05 extra per MB of data.

Of course, many people have had a host of horrible surprises when it comes to getting their mobile bills after they have been on their holiday.

"Roughly a million Brits stay the night in Europe every day, and they spend around £350m a year on roaming charges," said Ed Vaizey, the minister for the digital economy.

"So by realising these changes, we're going to save British consumers millions of pounds a year."

The EC themselves said: "The measure will create a better environment for businesses and for innovation. The new rules will notably promote the cross-border use of connected devices and services (e.g. connected cars) and boost the evolution of mobile apps on which one million Europeans now work."

"Roaming charges currently teach users to switch off their mobile phone when abroad. If they are not afraid of their bills anymore, they will use their devices more regularly when they are travelling. This means more opportunities for online businesses and startups to provide services to consumers when they travel in the EU."

This will do nicely, until the roaming charges get abolished completely.

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