EU to rethink free mobile roaming

EU to rethink free mobile roaming

We've spoken about the EU scrapping mobile roaming charges, and obviously, getting rid of these extra costs is a good thing.

However, days after the initiative launched, the EU have pulled the plug on it all, while they have a rethink.

The European Commission's blueprint draft has been withdrawn after commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, gave the order to do so.

Why has this happened?

Well, consumer groups aren't happy with proposals, after officials said that there'd be a 90-day limit on free roaming, when clearly, everyone wants a complete ban on it all.

Juncker's spokesperson, Margaritis Schinas, said: "Let me be very clear, we have put an end to roaming."

"Roaming means travelling, means moving around the European Union, going on holiday. The Europeans who travel do so on an average of 12 days per year."

"The commission, with our guidelines, have gone much further by abolishing roaming charges for at least 90 days per year."

A statement on the commission's Digital Single Market webpage said: "The Commission services have, on the instruction of President Juncker, withdrawn the draft and are working on a new version."

Seems fair enough, but consumer groups want the commission to offer more.

In the meantime, roaming tariffs have been reduced significantly already, thanks to caps introduced by the EU, which is something at least. The new free-roaming rules aren't supposed to come into play until June 2017, so there's time for things to get ironed out.

However, there might be a new timetable for this to come to pass thanks to this latest blip.

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