EU roaming charges, scrapped

EU roaming charges, scrapped

Remember when the European Commission said they were getting rid of roaming charges, and then introduced some nonsense 90 day limit?

Well, they were yelled at by all and sundry, and went back to have a rethink.

Now, they've given in to the pressure, and said that mobile roaming charges are going to be scrapped properly, so you won't get hit with needlessly large bills no matter how long you're travelling.

This is going to come into play in June 2017, but whether the UK will still be a member of the Union by that point is anyone's guess, as the Brexit roll-out dawdles on.

There's a catch though - there'll be new safeguards which will allow your mobile operators to check the patterns of your mobile use.

Basically, they want to make sure that no-one is abusing this system, and buying a cheap SIM in one EU country, and using it in another.

What do you think?

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